Are you subject to pressure in your relationships and decisions at work, due to the increasing demands on your productivity and performance? 

Connection Leadership, a business offering coaching and learning programs in mindfulness and emotional intelligence, offers you the opportunity to increase your leadership skills and your effectiveness, all while gaining deep and sustainable well-being and clarity. 

Connect to your inner resources through Mindfulness and Cocreation 

Connection Leadership's innovative and comprehensive approach is a cross between two branches of personal development:

  1. We initiate professionals in the practice of mindfulness to allow them to lighten their mental load and reduce stress, using simple methods that can be included easily in your daily life. 
  2. We introduce professionals to co-creation, developing your inspiration, creativity, confidence, and decision-making skills.

The pragmatic Connection Leadership approach is based on the most advanced international research, on the work of the greatest thought leaders, as well as on proven techniques for increasing work performance. 

Agent For a Mindful Revolution in Business & The World

Betsy Parayil Pezard, coach and facilatator, founder of Connection Leadership

In creating Connection Leadership, Betsy Parayil-Pezard wanted to unite her passion for human potential with the optimistic principles that have guided her personal and professional path into the management positions that allowed her to gain a vision of business today and develop her leadership skills. 

Born in the USA to Indian parents, Betsy grew up in a family environment with a strong social conscience and deep-rooted spirituality, along with an optimistic American culture. 

She has lived in France for 15 years, with most of her career in the field of education, teaching and presiding as dean over several institutions of higher education (Institut Dauphine d'Ostéopathie, Ecole Dentaire Française). 

Betsy has practiced different forms of mindfulness since 1998, and shares her discoveries and experience with her clients. She is certified as a coach by the Centre International du Coach. She is enrolled in the Mindfulness Studies Masters Degree Program at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). 

She coaches and facilitates in French and English. 

An article in French about Betsy is available in TheNextWomen

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What is emotional intelligence ?

Emotional intelligence is that capacity to recognize and regulate one's own emotions, to understand their effects on others, to understand and translate the emotions of others, and and act about the needs that one deciphers there. EI is uncorrelated with your intellectual aptitudes (IQ). Complimentary to your technical and cognitive skills, emotional intelligence allows you to grasp the human complexity of things in order to more effectively advance towards your goals. 

Emotional intelligence is an essential component of work performance and leadership. In fact several studies have shown that those with high emotional intelligence can outperform those with higher IQ but lower EI than them. The latest findings reveal that emotional intelligence can be trained and developed. 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an art of living the present moment which impacts our experience of life. 

To refine your emotional intelligence, Connection Leadership invites to experiment with a family of simple, accessible practices that are perfectly adaptable to the conditions of your life. 

Connection Leadership organizes mindfulness-based coaching and training in Europe and the US.

Meditation is a practice that increases resilience and the level of focus and serenity: meditation is used in prisons, with underprivileged schoolchildren with war veterans, and in hospitals, in companies. Meditation in US continues to take on many forms, but has begun to be considered as a normal part of life, as normal as working out or eating right. It is taught to support the performance of employees and increase job satisfaction. 

What is co-creation?

Cocreation is a theory of interactions that can be found in the teachings of many thought leaders (Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay), and which is built upon the conviction that human potential is unlimited. This vision allows you to subtly set your intentions or aspirations, and then advance in life with confidence. 

The idea behind co-creation is exactly what its name suggests, creating together. In this case, you form a kind of artistic partnership with life itself. If you look closely, you'll see that your life is composed of a small dose of self-will, and a bigger does of coincidences that are soaked in who you are and the way you handle different situations. In co-creation, I invite you to become more conscious of this aspect of life and take these coincidences as a river to be navigated, a river which leads us to realize the deep desires that live inside us. 

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