Holistic: is the watchword of our approach to consulting

From senior management to all employees: All teams must be onboarded in the business transformation process. Because it can not happen without strong leadership and individual and collective mobilization, Connection Leadership cultivates the potential of each stakeholder involved.

Executive Coaching: Developing Your Leadership

Operating strategy changes for the business, making necessary decisions, supporting transitions, (re) defining the role of the business…

These challenges are all at the heart of your business transformation process. So, this period may be source of exhaustion and stress. It can also generate individual and collective tensions among your partners that you must absorb as a leader. Our goal: create a respectful and confidential free trade area, enabling the exploration of the range of possibilities and providing time for reflection and meditation.

We invite you to contemplation and mindfulness programs, to grow your self-leadership skills and open up new perspectives. You will then consciously and fully integrate all the dimensions of your role as leader or manager to face your current and future challenges, overcome your problems and achieve your goals.

We will invite your team to strengthen their collective intelligence and teamwork, to be more efficient and adapt to the different life situations your business will face with a common vision. Your team will work as one to adress any situation or challenge.

Co-Flow: developing holistic transformation programs

Our motto: paying close attention to both leaders and teams, the two hotspots for any businesstransformation process.

To the leaders in charge of their own transition and that of the business, we provide you with support and advice based on solid experience. We also support the operational teams in becoming fully involved in their company’s transformation. Considering the risks associated with fatigue, fear management and frustration caused by change, we enable the power to act. To guide your partners and help them engage with the business transformation project, we co-create a climate of confidence and design customized programs for training and facilitation. As the product of our team members diverse and complementary skills, this innovative vision is the cornerstone of our holistic approach. Thus, it systematically analyzes the inherent risk of failure within the business transformation process, and relies on a comprehensive and extensive account of your business, “from the inside out” and “from the outside in.” To achieve this, we bring you both our consultant expertise to enlighten your decisions, and our culture coaches to help you understand your emotions and resistance, enabling you to overcome them. Through our holistic approach and the principles of mindfulness that guide our actions, we will fully assist you in all your dimensions: business, cultural, social …


Our training and workshop highlights

Step Up : training for management committees

We designed two training cycles dedicated to management committees, to develop a leadership that is capable of navigating a new world, to increase the level of leadership skills for conscious leadership practices and to support the business transformation strategy. These two cycles use rare levers to create a powerful executive committee.

Ninja School : training managers

This 9-day training program, divided into 3-day sessions, is for managers. With 3 modules – Ninja Leader, Ninja Manager et Ninja Coach – these are all aspects of the managerial role as discussed and experienced within the group. The goal: to provide these key internal actors with fifty different tools to act effectively within their teams. Read more

The Mountain - The School of Transformation

Our commitment: To make you autonomous in your permanent transformation. This is why we offer to train a selection of your employees to become Transformation Coaches-Consultants, equipped with a powerful toolbox, and by definition fully integrated into your company. And thus we perpetuate the changes you have initiated and led during our transformation programs.

We host conferences and seminars on leadership and business development in a VUCA * world, where we share the benefits of mindfulness and our vision for tomorrow’s businesses. Our goal: to inspire participants, inviting them to engage with their personal and professional transformation. We offer these events upondemand: contact us for more information. * Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity