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c'est se rebeller

This book argues for a committed and active practice in Punk Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state of consciousness based on the act of turning one’s attention, intentionally and without judgment, to experience. ” Punk Mindfulness is a different outlook that we will have on things. Somehow, mindfulness is just a drive to be more present in one’s own life. I have often seen people doing yoga, walking or doing other quite meditative things, but they made no connection with their daily lives. One of my goals is precisely to create this link and tell leaders that they already have all the keys to the kingdom. Their very own keys. “

Le consommateur digital -
Les nouvelles approches
pour le séduire

Le consommateur digital dispose de plus de moyens pour agir sur sa consommation et accroît son pouvoir sur les marques.

Complex and sometimes contradictory, today’s digital consumer is difficult to understand, and even more to draw in. Co-written by Patrick Hoffstetter and Nicolas Riou, founder of the research firm Brainvalue, with a foreword by Maurice Levy, this book offers a journey into the heart of the digital economy a draws the outline of the modern consumer, while expanding on several examples of new marketing strategies

Check out videos featuring Betsy Parayil and Patrick Hoffstetter

Betsy Parayil

Why the leaders of tomorrow will practice meditation

Patrick Hoffstetter

McKinsey Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum event in Barcelona on building a corporate culture, digital

Interventions by Connection Leadership

Business Bay Club

Forum pour les dirigeants en Normandie

Grand Panorama

Leadership, le rêve inexploré

Salesforce Paris Event

Keynote with Patrick Pelata (ex COO of Renault and SVP Salesforce )

Connection Leadership
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Flow magazine : Vivre les fêtes en pleine conscience

Retrouvez l’interview de Betsy Parayil dans le magazine Flow n°115  du 23 novembre 2020.
Vivre les fêtes en pleine conscience : sortez du mode pilotage automatique, offrez votre présence, oubliez la perfection, cultivez la compassion, prenez aussi du temps pour vous.

TF1 JT 20H : Confinement - Comment éviter la déprime ?

Retrouvez le passage de Connection Leadership au JT de 20H de TF1 du 18 novembre 2020.
Confinement : Comment éviter la déprime de vos salariés ? Nous avons mis en avant la méditation et le recentrage pour permettre un lâcher prise.

France Inter : La méditation n’est pas ce que vous croyez !

Ce matin, nous passons en revue nos idées reçues sur la méditation, avec des invités qui la pratiquent, mais d’une manière un peu plus rock n’roll.

Le HuffPost : Servant Leadership For Today’s Mindful Leaders - Co–authored by Betsy Parayil-Pezard

One of the biggest weaknesses of many leaders is a self-centered, ego-based approach that is promoted by the values our society. The way our culture recognizes success, by trying to isolate the individual from the circumstances and teams that created the conditions for that success, contributes greatly to the situation.
This way of presenting reality, pushing leaders to assume that they can be successful as an individual, forgetting the rest of the world around them, is hardly sustainable. Individualism has clearly proven to be an overly shortsighted approach. We are all part of a global ecosystem, and we can only cultivate long-term sustainability through close collaboration of all its individual components.

Les Echos : La transformation numérique entre en phase 2

Patrick Hoffstetter, l’ex-chief digital officer de Renault, pointe les difficultés d’exécution des programmes de transformation numérique.

L’Usine digitale : Patrick Hoffstetter, from Renault : The Pioneer

« Like the thirty or so other experts, I also have a more crosscutting role in my area of expertise: building up customer loyalty, new conquests, and organization. »