We want the participants of the Ninja School – Manager Training – to see the immediate effects of some of their work habits, because we know that this will inspire them to become better managers. We facilitate the emergence of an adherence to new management principles among participants so that they can immediately apply what they learn.

Our facilitators are trained in neuroscience and rely on the pleasure of learning and transforming during the training to encourage the anchoring of new methods.

Connection Leadership’s manager training is :

  • experiential
  • interactive
  • pragmatic
  • easy to implement in the daily life of a manager

Our trainers are former directors and managers with strong field experience. This understanding of management challenges and the practical cases they share are enriching for the participants.

Connection Leadership selects trainer-coaches with versatile backgrounds and exceptional abilities to engage participants’ interest and desire to grow.

Thanks to many years of practice in personal development, our trainers embody in a rare way the principles they share with your employees! This is a real asset for educational transmission.

A unique training for managers composed of 3 modules

1 - Ninja Leader

The success of the transformation depends on the leadership of managers and their teams. What is the difference between management and leadership? How do you develop the source of leadership and grow your leaders?

In our approach, managers will discover that they are endowed with inner resources for creating positive and constructive dynamics in their professional environment. Our approach introduces and allows for experimentation of several leadership models that empower leaders to become true change agents.

2 - Ninja Manager

Business transformation requires new managerial practices.

How to manage a project?
How to pilot new streamlined and digitized processes?
How to lead your team with the new modes of collaboration?
How to influence and create links with other managers without the traditional hierarchical connections?

3 - NINJA Coach

Managers who cultivate the leadership of the future and who actively participate in the transformation of the company base their approach on coaching practices that increase the empowerment of their employees. More than a simple toolbox, our training allows managers to incorporate the posture of the coach that is so valuable to the success of a company!

This module helps to generate confidence and collective resilience in uncertain and unforeseen situations, to go beyond unclear situations to help each collaborator to find his own leadership, his resources, and to develop his action plan.

Ninja School: a real cultural revolution !

At the end of our coaching and training program, your employees will be able to meet the various expectations.

  • Be aligned on the same role in a more agile and customer-centric enterprise
  • Share the customer-focused strategic vision with their teams and give meaning to their work
  • Federate and coach an autonomous team to allow each person to feel more responsible in their role and in their relationship with the client
  • Move towards the function of “servant leader”: manager at the service of his employees to help them achieve the common goal
  • To feel invested and part of a supportive community
  • Master the techniques and tools of collaborative work (co-development approach)
  • Giving feedback to employees

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