Develop your leadership with the practice of mindfulness.

Why should I develop my emotional intelligence ?

less stress

better decision-making

more resilience in times of difficulty

better performance at work

healthy, well-balanced relationships

more creativity


Betsy Parayil-Pezard

Founder of Connection Leadership

Agent For a Mindful Revolution

Betsy, the founder of Connection Leadership, was born and raised in the USA, with a BA and MA in Literature from Wheaton College (Chicago) and the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris). She is a certified coach trained at the Centre International du Coach in Paris. She is currently enrolled in the Mindfulness Studies Masters Degree Program at Lesley University (Cambridge, MA, USA) where she is researching the way meditation spurs leaders to compassionate action. She has lived in France for 14 years, with a career in teaching and then in college administration, as the Dean of several institutions of higher education (Institut Dauphine d'Ostéopathie, Ecole Dentaire Française). With Connection Leadership, Betsy is enriching her passion for the world of human potential. 

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Méditer c’est se rebeller

Pour une pratique engagée, active et volontaire de la Punk Mindfulness. La mindfulness, aussi appelée « pleine conscience », est un état de conscience résultant du fait de porter son attention, intentionnellement et sans jugement, sur l’expérience...


Une sorte d’OVNI (rire), on ne l’a pas trop vu arriver, mais c’est ce qui a fait basculer le séminaire, c’est là où ça c’est fait, sans ça ça aurait bien, mais moins bien… je ne l’ai vraiment pas vu venir … BRAVO !

Cédric – Managing Director

On n’est plus dans les mêmes étapes, on est dans une transmission, il y a autre chose qui se passe, elle est très présente par ses propos, super expérience.

Martin – Supply Chain Manager

Inspirante, émouvante, bluffante, deep… cette capacité à creuser pour faire exploser. C’était puissant, je n’ai jamais vécu un moment comme cela, son intervention a été hyper puissante sur le groupe, j’ai la conviction que personne n’est sorti indemne de cette expérience qui avait été bien préparée en amont.

François – Transformation Manager

I wanted to try something new and develop my leadership skills at a crucial time in my professional career. I recommend the "Peace & Power" training to anyone in a situation of professional change. I was looking for more meaning in my work, and thanks to the techniques I learned in this training, I was able to discover what exactly has meaning for me. I was amazed because I thought these elements would be extremely hard to uncover. In the context of my professional development, it was very useful to have this information on hand.

Taline Mouradian – Facilitator - Google France

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