About Betsy


Betsy Parayil Pezard, coach and facilatator, founder of Connection Leadership

In creating Connection Leadership, Betsy Parayil-Pezard wanted to unite her passion for human potential with the optimistic principles that have guided her personal and professional path into the management positions that allowed her to gain a vision of business today and develop her leadership skills.

Born in the USA to Indian parents, Betsy grew up in a family environment with a strong social conscience and deep-rooted spirituality, along with an optimistic American culture.

She has lived in France for 14 years, with most of her career in the field of education, teaching and presiding as dean over several institutions of higher education (Institut Dauphine d'Ostéopathie, Ecole Dentaire Française).

Betsy has practiced different forms of mindfulness since 1998, and hopes to share her discoveries and experience with her clients. She is certified as a coach by the Centre International du Coach. She is enrolled in the Mindfulness Studies Masters Degree Program at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).

She coaches and facilitates in French and English.

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