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Our mission

Connection Leadership’s mission, based on a holistic approach, is to accompany our client companies in their cultural, economic and digital transformation.

Companies today face a volatile and complex economic world. This situation creates excessive stress in the teams, who lose the sense of the projects that are essential to the transformation of the organization. However, in order to be more of an actor of change, it is necessary to cultivate agility at both the individual and collective levels.

When she created Connection Leadership in 2014, Betsy Parayil-Pezard brought together her passion for human potential and the optimistic principles that have guided her personal journey and professional career in executive positions where she gained business insight and developed her leadership skills.

By our action, we want to foster within the organizations an environment that is:

  • More positive thanks to Mindfulness, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and collective intelligence.
  • More productive by providing managers and teams with cognitive science knowledge to act effectively in a changing environment
  • More powerful through the innovation of new leadership methodologies and practices conducive to success.

Connection Leadership offers a unique approach based on leadership, collective intelligence and mindfulness. Our know-how in cultural transformation, combined with our technical and business expertise, allows us to offer our clients a unique experience through the development of collaborative synergies.

Moreover, our holistic approach allows us to form a global and deep vision of our client companies: “inside to outside” and “outside to inside”.


The practice of mindfulness represents a unique opportunity to better know oneself, better understand others, and develop an authentic presence while investing one’s professional role. We offer our clients an experience that takes into account the search for meaning and well-being of employees in the transformation process, so that they can observe the immediate effects of their new work habits, because we know that this will encourage them to explore their potential further. Our concept focuses on creating buy-in for the transformation project within the teams so that they feel involved and a driving force in this transformation.

Transformation can be a source of anxiety, fear and stress. Through mindfulness, we learn to welcome emotions as they arise. We then create a climate of trust so that everyone can find their place, play their role, and bring their contribution and energy.

“The main professional argument for mindfulness in business is that if you are fully present to your work, you will be more effective, more creative, make better decisions and work better with other people.”
Bill George, Harvard Business School CEO de Medtronic

Expertise and exchanges

Our team of consultants is composed of business experts and coaches with strong business experience. They systematically work in multi-skilled pairs.

Your role, as a consultant, is to combine the client’s issues with strong benchmarking and a unique exploration methodology.

We provide innovative and concrete solutions at each stage of your company’s transformation.

We offer you a work environment in which your uniqueness is valued as one of our greatest assets. We invite each of you to express your potential and contribute to building unique relationships.

We also encourage open discussion where everyone is free to share their views. Thus, giving and receiving with respect for each other and the group is a unique opportunity for mutual enrichment.

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