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GOOD Vibes – How to converge the individual and collective approach?

The acceleration of business, digitalization and the lack of visibility have shaken up our daily professional lives, demanding more and more from us and the organization of our work. We propose to share with you the crossed views of Betsy Parayil-Pezard and Caroline de La Palme.

Welcome to the jungle – “Le bien-être n’est plus un gadget, il est devenu une compétence”

Currently, professionals are experiencing great upheaval. Transformation has become the norm. Employees and managers must be constantly agile. But our physiological system is not adapted to these recurring changes. We can feel overwhelmed and lose connection with what we are doing. Under these conditions, well-being is no longer a gadget, it has become a skill.

The Alignments: On the Road to Transformation

In conversation with Charline Moreau, Betsy looks back on her journey of transformation and awareness that began early in her life as a young American.

Betsy speaks about leadership, choice and inner power.

If you too want to understand why you should no longer ask for permission, how to capitalize on feedback or how not to let yourself be destroyed by systems that don’t suit you, this episode is for you.

Singular and Committed Leadership Summit – Meditating to rebel and transform companies holistically

Betsy was interviewed by Oly Balza on the topic “Meditating to rebel and holistically transform companies” at the Singular and Committed Leadership Summit, 2022 edition.

Welcome to the jungle: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not cut out for this”, “others are better”.

For those who are tired of hiding behind their shyness or their fear of failure, listen to the good advice of Betsy Parayil-Pezard, coach and author of “Mes petites routines: Booster sa confiance en soi” (Marabout, 2022).

Flow magazine: Living the holidays with awareness

Read the interview with Betsy Parayil in Flow magazine #115, November 23, 2020.
Live the holidays with mindfulness: get off autopilot, offer your presence, forget about perfection, cultivate compassion, also take time for yourself.

TF1 JT 20H: Confinement – How to avoid depression?

Watch Connection Leadership’s appearance on TF1’s 8 o’clock news on November 18, 2020.
Lockdown: How to prevent your employees from getting depressed? We have emphasized meditation and centering to allow for letting go.

Le HuffPost : Servant Leadership For Today’s Mindful Leaders – Co–authored by Betsy Parayil-Pezard

One of the biggest weaknesses of many leaders is a self-centered, ego-based approach that is promoted by the values our society. The way our culture recognizes success, by trying to isolate the individual from the circumstances and teams that created the conditions for that success, contributes greatly to the situation.
This way of presenting reality, pushing leaders to assume that they can be successful as an individual, forgetting the rest of the world around them, is hardly sustainable. Individualism has clearly proven to be an overly shortsighted approach. We are all part of a global ecosystem, and we can only cultivate long-term sustainability through close collaboration of all its individual components.

Les Echos: Digital transformation enters phase 2

Patrick Hoffstetter, the former chief digital officer at Renault, points out the difficulties of executing digital transformation programs.

L’Usine digitale : Patrick Hoffstetter, from Renault : The Pioneer

« Like the thirty or so other experts, I also have a more crosscutting role in my area of expertise: building up customer loyalty, new conquests, and organization. »

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Everyone has looked in the mirror at least once in their life and been unhappy with their reflection. Where does this feeling of self-dissatisfaction come from? Confidence has an impact on our daily lives, and it can often make all the difference when we seek to create more fulfillment in our lives.

Over the course of four weeks, you will learn to increase your confidence in yourself and others through simple exercises that you can easily fit into your schedule.

Accompanied with kindness and curiosity, you will become aware of your assets through the practice of mindfulness and coaching.

This book advocates for a committed, active and voluntary practice of Punk Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a state of awareness that results from paying attention, intentionally and without judgment, to experience.

“Punk Mindfulness is a different way of looking at things. In a way, mindfulness is just a training to be more present in your life. I have often seen people doing yoga, walking, or other meditative things, but they don’t make any connection with their daily life. One of my missions is to make that connection and tell leaders that they already have all the keys in their hands. Their own keys.”

Digital consumers have more means to act on their consumption and increase their power over brands.

Complex and sometimes even contradictory, the digital consumer is difficult to understand, let alone seduce. Co-authored by Patrick Hoffstetter and Nicolas Riou, founder of the research firm Brainvalue, and with a foreword by Maurice Levy, this book offers a journey into the heart of the digital economy and outlines the new consumer.

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