Is your company undergoing a transformation? Are you a new employee? Do you want to energize your team? Is your company undergoing a reorganization?

Our “BOOST” seminar will provide you with the keys to give a new impulse to your team, and to move forward together towards your goals. With this customized program, we create a unique experience around the U Theory model of Otto Scharmer, professor at MIT. The teams live an experience that mixes theory and practice, and that serves to nourish the collective reflection on the transformation in progress.

Our “BOOST” seminar is rich in lessons, and strong awarenesses occur in a short period of time.

Create a landmark event in your team's history

Our BOOST seminar creates an environment of trust, mutual support and authenticity. Our approach allows you and your team to align around the new goals and roadmap and move in a new direction together.

This space of time you dedicate to your team and to yourself will boost the energy of your collective and grow its roots. Our specific approach will cultivate space to discover other team members and the new leader.

Your objectives

A program designed to meet your objectives

Our approach is to design a program that is specific to your needs. Depending on your objectives, we will design a customized program that may include a series of workshops led by experts and consultants in various fields – ranging from gestural intelligence to the creation of a roadmap, from a conference on “The extraordinary power of smell” to a conversation circle.

Our “BOOST” seminar will lead you to concrete actions and create a real cohesion within your team.

You want to boost your teams?