Our first step is to always listen to you and identify the needs that you express to us. We then work with you to identify ways to explore and support your entire ecosystem, which is itself in constant motion.

How do we proceed? Together we go through the different dimensions that must be taken into account in order to succeed in the transformation of your company: business aspects, technology, culture and innovation.

Why ? Because all of these aspects are always connected to each other. By activating all of these dimensions simultaneously, we help you to create and fuel the virtuous circle of your business transformation. We help you set up the dynamics for the continuous co-construction of your future.

The Origins of Our Approach

According to current studies, between 85% and 95% of business transformation efforts fail or are underperforming. Low employee engagement and complexity are amongst the primary reasons for the failure of transformation programs.

According to a recent Gallup study, in France, 6% of employees say they are actively engaged, 69% say they are not engaged and 25% say they are completely disengaged.

Our approach is also based on this simple observation: the majority of unsuccessful business transformations are due to a lack of attention to complexity.

Through our holistic approach, which combines comprehensive benchmarking with a deep understanding of people, we work with organizations globally to align cultural, human, technological, and business components. We believe that each of these components must be taken into account to serve your goals !

The Challenge: Accepting permanent change

Managing uncertainty, combining talent performance development and retention, taking action to make your employer brand shine, improving your productivity, initiating or accelerating the digital shift, giving meaning to careers, unlocking the full potential of your services… these are all challenges your organization faces. Our holistic approach addresses these complex issues in a transversal way.

We help you put your business transformation efforts in motion, design your internal roadmap and prepare your milestones. And, because your business is a social hub where individuals constantly interact in a social space, we inspire your team members to become aware of their own leadership and potential, bringing awareness as they participate actively in your strategic plan.

The consideration for all of your employees is critical for the success of your business transformation success. By working on the technical aspects, process improvements, and data development on the one hand, and on issues such as territorial conflicts, resistance to change, and lack of commitment or cohesion on the other, we help you make a long-term positive impact on your company’s performance and efficiency.

The 4 Pillars of the Holistic Approach

We work with you to create emulation between the individual and collective dimensions, and to give meaning to the action of each person, while inscribing the transformation of your company in the balance of its ecosystem. We approach any transformation around four complementary quadrants that allow each employee and your company to adapt to the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environment in which they operate.

The Individual's Inner Dimension

includes the beliefs, values and emotional state of each of your employees.

The Outer Individual Dimension

includes the skills and know-how of your employees.

The Inner Collective Dimension

involves ways of working, the sharing of symbolic experiences, common values and the mission statement within your company, which are factors of cohesion and alignment.

The Exterior Collective Dimension

is materialized in your organization, your strategy or your governance, but also by the place occupied within your ecosystem, in connection with all your stakeholders.

Our Methodology: Agility and Creativity

Our approach is based on a fair and authentic attention to your situation, analyzing its strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Following the principles of mindfulness, we create space for expression and openness to what presents itself, naming it simply and without judgment. This diagnostic phase will highlight the areas of improvement and evolution that need to be addressed to realize your full potential within your ecosystem and leverage all of your assets, including those that are still hidden, while considering your current and future constraints and objectives.

The challenge is to take regular, impactful action. Because we believe that speed is key in any transformation, we invite you to experiment, initiate the movement to adapt when necessary to achieve rapid results. Once we have guided you through this dynamic process, we accompany you in a powerful phase of leadership and empowerment. To achieve this, our teams act as experts – business consultants and cultural experts – providing you with the plurality and complementarity of their skills. As experienced professionals, they have all held senior positions in various fields, and have managed high level projects.

With their support, your teams will integrate their mindfulness practices to deal with situations as they arise, helping you keep your project on track. Because any true transformation is complex, we simplify the process to generate coherence. We also help co-create the next chapter of your story with your team members, so they can get involved and take ownership of your transformation.

Do you have a transformation project ?