Training operational objectives

Securing your managerial practices in labor and employment law

Pedagogical objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Integrate the fundamental principles of labor law for practical day-to-day use.
  • Acquire the right labor law reflexes to secure their managerial practices.

Target audience

Executives, Managers, Human Resources




14 hours (2 days)

Pedagogical methods

Face-to-face at the company’s premises or at the training organization’s premises, or distance learning.

Inter-company or intra-company


Inter / Presential: 1500€ NET tax / participant

Intra / Presential: 4300€ NET tax / group

Training program content

Day 1

Introduction: present the training objectives and get to know each other
Find your way around social regulations to learn about the sources of labour law and how to apply them articulating standards
Securing the contractual relationship
  • Identifying trial period issues
  • Secure the use of fixed-term and temporary contracts
  • The main rules applicable to working hours
  • Events affecting the performance of the employment contract
  • Managing paid leave
Managing employee performance
  • Interviews as an opportunity for exchange
  • Dealing with professional incompetence

Day 2

Dealing with employee misconduct
  • Identifying misconduct
  • Understand the key stages of a disciplinary file
Termination of employment contracts
  • Contract termination at the employer’s initiative
  • Employee-initiated termination of contract by mutual agreement
Understanding the framework of employee representation
  • Building the landscape of employee representatives (mandates, missions, resources)
  • My role as a manager in dealing with social irritants
  • The rights and duties of managers and elected representatives
Conclusion: define an individual action plan based on what has been learned

Our results indicators

of satisfaction with training content
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of satisfaction with the speakers
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of trainees recommend the course
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Pedagogical methods

Pedagogical methods :

  • Theoretical courses
  • Experiential approach with role-playing and quizzes
  • Alternate between individual work, pairs and sub-groups
  • Systematic sharing for collective debriefing
  • Teaching aids for each participant

Minimum 6 people for inter

Maximum 14 people


HR and labor relations specialist

Monitoring and assessment

Pre-course needs questionnaire and learning assessment quiz to better understand the audience’s level and expectations.

Follow-up and support for participants during case studies, exercises, role-playing and in-session tests.

Post-training satisfaction and evaluation questionnaire.


Certificate of completion

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