Connection Leadership has developed a first cycle of training specifically for Executive Committees to help them develop their leadership skills.

The program helps your managers lead the transition to a more aligned and effective organization as part of your transformation.

The Connection Leadership Team designs and facilitates an in-person leadership training program. This program is based on the specific context of your company’s transformation. It is the foundation of the “Leadership Development Training”.

Your objectives

Optimize collaboration within the management committee

Increase the impact of the executive committee through collective work

Increase confidence, creativity and courage

Support the deployment of a digital and people-centric culture

Create an environment for collective learning and progress

A program based on the Lencioni model

Your training path will be based on Lencioni’s model of the 5 characteristics of high-performing teams. This model shows that accountability and commitment can only be achieved on the basis of trust and the ability to manage conflict effectively.

All parts of the training increase the participants’ skill level in one or more of the four lower levels of the pyramid.

We propose a 10-day program, designed in co-creation with you, thanks to a preliminary assessment of the needs and desires of your group.

Our training program covers the following topics:

  1. Leadership Skills for LeadersBuilding Trust and Commitment
  2. Feedback culture – Increased ability to engage in conflict
  3. Effective delegationIncreasing commitment and accountability
  4. Creating an environment for continuous improvement
  5. Strengthening the cohesion between

Beyond what participants learn from the training, an important outcome of the training program is the strengthened relationships and trust that the experience creates. We place great importance on the safety and quality of the learning environment we create to achieve this result, knowing that the relationships strengthened during training are a key determinant of the quality of future collaboration.

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Cycle 2 - Transformation: supporting the transformation strategy

This second cycle follows the first leadership training cycle.

This “Transformation” cycle will support the current or future transformation by providing the management committee with tools and practical knowledge that can be used on a daily basis.

Your objectives

Increase the involvement of the management committee in the transformation

Communicate on the transformation

Supporting the deployment of a transformation

Strengthen cross-functional connections between departments

A program designed for your Executive Committee

A program of 6 modules in 11 days, designed for your Management Committee, based on your group’s needs and aspirations identified during Cycle 1. Our training program covers the following topics:

Travail en équipe
  1. Director: a strategic function – Part 1 – Embodying corporate strategy
  2. Director: a strategic function – Part 2 – Improving your speaking skills
  3. Visual management & other working tools for a company in transformation
  4. Innovation Leadership – Part 1: DOING. Design Thinking tools and method: ideation and rapid prototyping, taking feedback into account, the notion of pivot, the synthetic presentation of a constructed idea
  5. Innovation Leadership – Part 2: BEING. Practice innovation leadership skills, the expanded notion of collective intelligence, and the facilitation of discussions in the antagonisms necessary for innovation through NVC.
  6. Holistic Leadership: Responsive and creative leadership skills and virtues at the organizational level, taking into account the political systems of an organization and mastering the generative intelligences of a system

The last three workshops are intensely participatory and involve the collective. They lead to the strengthening of cross-functional links between departments.

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