Why use team coaching? Team Coaching is either for a team that is experiencing difficulties and has not found a solution to its problem, or for a team that is already performing well but wants to achieve even more ambitious goals.

Team coaching is aimed at strengthening the quality of relationships between your employees, aligning their vision of the company, improving the operational performance of the team, and developing new working methods.

The members of the team are gradually welded together around common values, ambitions and ways of working.

Given the complexity of the environment, the cross-functional nature of the projects and the development of remote working, the team must maintain and strengthen its unity. Indeed, the notion of team, or even community, has an essential place in the company’s economic performance. Connection Leadership offers a transformational coaching

Team Coaching can address a variety of issues.

  • Improve the operational performance of the team
  • Increase the organizational maturity of the team
  • Implement a new organization
  • Merge two teams
  • Manage conflict in the team
  • Develop new working methods
  • Integrate new employees into the team
  • Build and share a purpose, mission, or vision
  • Implement a transformation roadmap
  • Establish a performance measurement culture
  • Launch a new project
  • Improve confidence in the team

The goal: to transform individuals or groups

The coach accompanies the team in identifying its strengths and areas for improvement, and in implementing solutions to transform itself. Collaboration is today the first pillar of tomorrow’s company (both for the organization itself and for the employees). Team coaching strengthens collective intelligence, the team’s ability to work better together, be effective, and adapt to different situations.

Our approach allows individuals and groups, by working from the initial coaching request, to not only find a solution to that request, but also, and most importantly, to approach future situations with a transformed perspective and attitude. Our method is based on coaching, training in the tools used by successful teams, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

We know that you have the resources within you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Our role is to support you so that you can design your solution. We are the guarantors of the framework of the coaching process that will allow you to surpass yourself and activate your creativity.

Management Team Coaching

Accompany the members of a Management Committee (MANCO) or an Executive Committee (EXCOM).

Peer group coaching

Support employees who hold the same position within the organization, but are in different teams and departments.

Coaching of hierarchical teams

Accompany employees who all report to the same manager.

Project team coaching

Accompany a group or a team of multidisciplinary employees working together on the same project.

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How do our Team Coaching sessions work?

Team Coaching is based on the concept of the “third entity”, i.e. the “voice of the team” which transcends the mere addition of the people who compose it. It is not the sum of the individual coachings of each team member, but rather the accompaniment of the team as a whole to reach its full potential.

The team is accompanied according to the same principles as the individual.

The team itself provides the answers to its questions and the solutions to the problems it encounters, thanks to the methods of reflection and dialogue implemented by the coach. The coach accompanies the team in identifying its strengths and opportunities for improvement, and in implementing solutions to transform itself.

The coaching consists in defining the desired state of the team, as in individual coaching, and encouraging the team to explore and implement actions to get there.

The final objective is to empower the team in its new operation.

The accompaniment takes place over a series of sessions to be defined according to the needs.

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