Is your company undergoing a transformation? The Mountain was created to empower you in your ongoing transformation. This is why we propose to train a selection of your employees to become Transformation Coach-Consultants, equipped with a powerful toolbox to drive and sustain the changes you wish to implement in your organization.

In collaboration with the International Coach Center, we have created a customized Transformation Consultant Coach program.

The training of Holistic Transformation Consultant Coach, allows to accompany the perennial progression of the Transformation by constituting a team trained to the processes of the profession of coach having developed the acquisition :

  • tools,
  • a methodology,
  • professional reflexes necessary for the practice of coaching
  • and knowledge related to the humanities and social sciences.

The course offers face-to-face learning, sustained practical training and personal work (dissertation, reports, theoretical and practical case studies).

A diploma with a dual purpose

  • A training course eligible for the CPF, doubly certified by Connection Leadership and the CIC – “Coach Consultant for Holistic Transformation” and “Coaching individuals, teams and organizations” – registered with France Compétences in the Répertoire Spécifique under the n° RS5486.
  • A training program accredited by ICF, International Coach Federation, at the ACSTH level, which will allow access to the ACC or PCC accreditation levels (later for those who wish to do so).
  • A complete training program integrating individual, group, team and organizational coaching and built in blocks of competencies, around the Transformation
  • A limited group of 20 participants to guarantee a tailor-made follow-up for each one
  • Individualized post-training follow-up
  • Membership in a network of professional coaches

A pedagogical team composed of Holistic Transformation Coach Trainers

Constituting the richness of a pedagogical team of 10 coach-trainers of a great richness, that translates our concern of the quality and the effectiveness of the transmission of knowledge and know-how:

  • Coach Trainers who practice the profession of Transformation Coach on a daily basis, which allows them to illustrate the educational contributions with concrete examples from the field.

  • A team from different backgrounds (HR, Consulting, Industry,…) and committed to the development of human capital for a fair and ethical practice.

Our results indicators

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Are you ready to climb the highest peaks?

An ascent in 7 steps

Etna - Foundations of coaching & Understanding transformation part 1

Establish the foundations of the coaching relationship and be able to conduct an interview by mobilizing the fundamentals.

Le Mont Blanc - Coaching and development &Understanding transformation part 2

Developing your ability to coach while opening new areas of learning and development.

La Barre des Ecrins - Coaching and performance & Identifying the transformation

Strengthen your agility by developing your own performance as well as that of the coachee

Mount Olympus - Group and team & Accompanying the transformation

Be able to lead and coach a team based on the obstacles, resources and singularities of each of its members.

L'Everest - Organization Coaching & Transforming Organizations

Acquiring the skills, postures and tools necessary to implement organizational coaching.

La Cordée - Deployment coaching & Consolidating the holistic approach

Allowing each future coach to give life to his project from his context, his identity and his ambition.

Diploma for Transformational Mountaineering - Consolidation & certification

Consolidate the learning acquired during the training, develop a posture of continuous improvement and validate the certification.

Tell us about your transformation project, we are here to guide you.