As a law firm, you are faced with emerging challenges in your profession such as the need to keep your skills up-to-date, to develop, and to communicate about your business.

You also face more complex phenomena that affect all organizations – technology and digital transformation, new consumer behaviors, and the changing values and relationships of your customers.

You want to improve the organization of the firm on a daily basis: human resources, management, finance, communication…?

Create a real transformation to grow your firm and attract new talent

It is our observation that you have often trained on the job and have not taken the time necessary to optimize the organization of your practice.

We also made another finding regarding the structure of law firms. Professional relationships between partners may need adjustment or alignment. This topic is not always easy to address or is put aside because it is not a priority. For us, the alignment of the Associates is the priority issue for the firm to move forward.

Connection Leadership is an expert in supporting lawyers in their professional development, that of their teams and that of the firm. We accompany you ion the organization and the development of your firm in order to improve its functioning and to modernize it in relation to the needs and the orientations in the medium and long term.

of your law office

to embark, motivate and federate
your team in the development projects of your firm

modernize and empower your practice to achieve your new ambitious goal

They trust us

Transform your firm with our Law Leadership program for law firms

The three phases we propose in our holistic approach are those that create the most value for your clients and your firm. Our approach consists in taking a step back and adopting a 360° vision of the firm by integrating internal and external aspects as well as individual and collective dynamics.

Better understand your law office

  • Individual interviews with partners and key people in the organization – listen to the issues, understand the organization, and identify opportunities
  • Presentation of the firm’s potential and development opportunities
  • Development of a support program for priority topics
  • Management seminar to address key issues and prepare for the future

Initiate the transformation

  • Workshops – Vision, Purpose and Values – We help members of the firm align around a common purpose
  • Co-development workshops – We help the group to function more as one, and to learn the keys to a successful team
  • Individual Associate Coaching – We help you develop your performance and leadership
  • Associate Coaching – We help you create strong, unified leadership to drive growth and retain your teams.

Boost the transformation

  • Efficiency and performance of the firm – Optimize the actions of the firm for improved performance (processes, tools, digitalization, professional efficiency…)
  • Brand development – Explore your ecosystem, position your brand, create your difference and activate your customer acquisition levers
  • Team Management – Discover new ways to manage a cohesive and efficient team

Make you autonomous in the transformation of your firm

Our support takes place in 3 phases and involves all the firm’s stakeholders in order to cover all the key issues of the firm’s transformation. Our objective is to accompany you towards a better performance and a total autonomy in the transformation so that you pursue the actions to be carried out to maintain the course and to accelerate to turn it into a success.

They talk about it better than we do

Do you want to transform your law office?