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Our credo: democratizing data-driven decision making is a powerful driver of
value creation and business transformation.

Support your decision-making with data

Are you missing opportunities for efficiency and growth because you are not using the data at hand to make decisions?
Does everyone in your company understand the stakes and the risks associated with data?
Drawing on their operational experience in these areas, our consultants help you assess your current data strategy, build a path that aligns with your business priorities, and develop data acculturation across your organization. In 4 months, we guide you
to boost your data strategy.

Your RADAR data Strategy

The starting point of our approach is an analysis of your existing data strategy.

An online survey will allow you to have a quick radar positioning on 7 axes of analysis (Strategy – Data – Uses – Skills – Organization – Technology), and to situate your company on 2 dimensions (added value for the business and robustness of the data system).

In 4 weeks, through interviews and analysis of your documents, we will then specify your business objectives in relation to data, and we will build an initial roadmap to help you progress along the different axes and join the “Data Leaders”.

This initial picture will be followed, if you wish, by missions focused on each lever of your data strategy.

Your data product portfolio

It is the dynamics of usage that will set the pace for your data strategy and justify the investments that you will make in data-related topics.

Have you taken the time to think about building valuable “data products” for each of your businesses?

In 4 weeks of interaction, we propose to synthesize the first portfolio of products to build, by understanding both their business benefits and the conditions of success of the associated projects.

This will allow you to initially focus on a limited number of initiatives (typically 5-10) and start filling your data lake to serve these priority products.

Choosing simple and powerful data tools

To get your business analysts out of Excel, you need to provide them with powerful yet simple tools that rely on shared data. The good news is that the range of self-service data tools available in the cloud is rich and mature.

To help you choose, we provide a day of presentations and demonstrations of some of the most important tools available in the Cloud, dedicated to data storage and transformation, analysis applications (BI) and data science.

At the end of this day, you will have discovered Snowflake, Google Big Query, MS PowerBI, and Dataiku, a data catalog.

Your data Community

Lack of confidence in the quality and meaning of your data limits the use of your analytical tools and leaves the field open to the sole and widespread use of Excel.

Your data is isolated in business and technology silos with no way to share it. Your business rules are embedded in undocumented Excel macros. Your business experts don’t have the means to share data analysis best practices with their peers. It’s time to set up your data Community to address these issues.

We will spend a day sharing the concepts of data governance and how to lead data teams.

Then in 4 weeks, we co-construct the roadmap with your teams (definition of roles, processes and tools) for a data governance that will make your data strategy more robust, and for a data community that will allow you to fully leverage your skills.

Develop your data Acculturation

From a 2-hour conference to a 5-day bootcamp, we offer several formats to develop the data culture within your company, establish a common language and understanding of everyone’s contribution to trusting and leveraging data.

10 key principles for a data strategy

In 2 hours, we’ll conference with your management committees to discuss the accelerators of a successful data strategy, based on the experience of our consultants.

Data & AI Challenges and Overview

During the first step in a process of data acculturation, we’ll spend two days dedicated to sharing the various stakes of data valorization: using cases from Business Intelligence (BI) to data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), skills and roles, technologies, data governance. This overview will help to bring your teams up to speed on data trends and to establish a common data vocabulary in your company.

Personal data protection and AI ethics

A half-day session to make your business and IT teams aware of the challenges and rules of personal data protection (GDPR regulation) and future regulations on the ethics of artificial intelligence applications.

Data analysis with PYTHON and SQL

For your business analysts, 5 days of learning the basics of the “Swiss army knife” languages of data analysis: PYTHON and SQL. Using opensource tools (Jupyter Notebooks), we will analyze test data sets or, if possible, a data set from your company.

Recruiting your data coreteam

The internalization of a few key skills (data architect, data analyst, data scientist, data engineer…) is a factor of success in the long run since data specialists are rare. We help you to identify those who correspond to the needs of your company and to qualify their technical expertise as well as their ability to work transversally with your businesses.

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