In this fast-paced world, as a manager, you have to deal with complex situations, which require you to have greater leadership and to tap into your inner resources.

Conscious leadership is a contextual approach that requires regular, embodied practice to chart a personal path to increased leadership.

Conscious leadership is a way of being,that integrates conceptual frameworks and personal resources specific to each individual.

You still have untapped internal capabilities and resources that, once uncovered, will enable you not only to navigate this rapidly changing environment more skillfully, but also to become a full-fledged transformation agent and change leader.

With “The Field – Mindfulness for leaders” training, we have designed an experience of discovery and integration of these resources, which engages not only the mind, but also the body and the heart.
Our training, based on the innovative theory of Conscious Leadership, is a unique experience that provides participants with a human-sized laboratory to discover their own strengths and talents, and transform them into assets for their leadership and their teams.

Objectives of the training

  1. Explore the relationship between inner leadership development and emotional intelligence with ways of being, leading and serving that fit your organization.
  2. Experiment with current leadership theories and principles through the lens of mindful leadership, and examine past and present examples of mindful leadership in organizations.
  3. Critically investigate the meaning of conscious leadership through the study of specific concepts.
  4. Engage in a variety of contemplative and performative practices related to conscious leadership.
  5. Practice mindful leadership in real-life situations and share experiences to develop the group’s understanding and practice.

Skills developed

  1. Ability to introduce conscious leadership, its principles and framework
  2. Ability to define the main aspects of emotional intelligence and to use techniques to develop it
  3. Mastering the impact of the manager’s expression and behavior for a constructive teamwork
  4. Capacity to create an emotionally positive work environment
    Capacity to stimulate creativity in the work environment

Giving you the keys to become a change leader

The 7 sessions of our "Mindfulness for Leaders" program

Mindfulness: theory and neuroscience

Participants will discuss the scientific basis for the effectiveness of mindfulness in the workplace. The link between neuroscience and the art of management and leadership will be established. Participants will self-assess their level of mindfulness in order to create an initial indicator for the course: Mindful Attention Awareness Scale.

Emotional intelligence: Understanding and managing emotions at work

A presentation of the concepts of emotional intelligence according to Daniel Goleman will allow to create the framework for learning. This will be reinforced by an exploration of several studies that show the role of emotional intelligence in managerial competencies. An introduction to 3 mindfulness practices will allow managers to develop their emotional intelligence. They will commit to practice between sessions.

Empowerment: Radical responsibility

The dynamics of conflict in the professional environment will be presented and ways of resolving conflict will be explored. Two mindfulness practices will be taught and practiced to enable managers to develop their own positive impact in conflict situations.

Positive psychology: Creating a positive spiral with your team

First, the teachings of Dr. Barbara Frederickson in positive psychology will be shared with the participants. The objective will be to better understand the positive emotions that can be stimulated in the individual and collective experience. The training will focus on increasing awareness of the role of positive emotions in managers and leaders. Three mindfulness practices will be taught and practiced.

Transformation leader: Leading for change

This module includes an introduction to the theory of systemic transformation. We insist on the role that managers play in the transformation through reflexes to be activated daily. The concrete situations encountered by the participants will serve as case studies for the practical application of what has been learned.

Creativity: Mindfulness to stimulate the culture of innovation

The U theory of Otto Scharmer will be presented first. The steps of transformation, such as summoning the past, letting go of what holds us back, and creating a desired future will be detailed and experienced. The link with innovation capacity in companies will be established very early in this module. Leaders will be guided step-by-step through the framework, enabling them to develop a more innovative culture through the practice of mindfulness.

Integration: The Path of the Mindful Leader

In this group development session, participants will review the exercises and work together on strategies for improving managerial practices and continuing the work of being a mindful leader. Participants will self-evaluate level of mindfulness at the end of the course using Mindful Attention

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