Succeed in your ecological transition through human transformation!

Climate change is forcing a collective movement that is an opportunity for your company to renew itself and have a positive impact on the planet. The human being is at the center of this environmental and social transformation.

Accompany your ecological transition,
from awareness to deployment in the field

Creating the stories of tomorrow, diagnosing your impact, revealing your power to adapt, innovating with more virtuous models and products, involving all employees, adapting your processes… these are all subjects on which it is urgent to act.

As with all causes of transformation, it requires a change in practices and an evolution of mentalities. And as with all issues of change, we offer you a unique recipe combining business expertise and expertise in human behavior.

Diagnosis to build

  • Interviews and study with key people (EXCOM, top management…)
  • Interviews and study with key people (EXCOM, top management…)

and get on board

  • Climate, biodiversity and digital Fresk, 2Tons Workshop
  • Seminars

Create new models

  • New business model
  • Product innovation
  • Decarbonization of the value chain
  • ACT Method

the changes

  • Trainings (link to the page)
  • Assistance to CSR projects
  • Coaching
  • Support

Taking the temperature

Diagnosis to build

  • What are our impacts and how can we reduce them?
  • How to meet regulatory and legislative requirements?
  • Which standards to apply?

To transform well, an inventory of the organization is a good starting point. Accurately estimating your impact through scientific measurement is also a necessity in itself, out of conviction, because your customers demand it, or because it is a legal obligation for you.

Warming of consciences

Awareness and getting on board

  • How to initiate the transformation, create momentum and mobilize teams?
  • How do you retain talent looking for impact and meaning?
  • How to make your CSR projects a lever for integral performance?

From the executive committee to all the teams, setting in motion, raising awareness is essential. To get your teams on board, it is essential to make everyone aware of the reasons for the upcoming changes. And it is interesting to create moments of sharing, of co-creation for the foundations of the transformation.
We create immersive team experiences with you over a few hours and help you with the points above.

Impact strategy

Create new models

  • How do we explore our purpose and bring it to light?
  • How to position the CSR strategy at the heart of its global strategy?
  • What R&D and innovation approach for a positive impact?

Implementing a responsible strategy has become essential to convince customers, to make a difference in your market and to meet new regulations. All of the company’s stakeholders have a growing need for accountability.
For all these needs, we help you to define the plan, to define the good indicators and to advise you on the follow-up of these actions.
For this, the mastery of innovation methods, the industry expertise and the experience of our speakers are precious.

Alignment of the elements

Sustain the changes

  • How to anticipate changes and increase our agility?
  • How can we structure our business to make it more resilient?
  • How can we increase our capacity to meet the challenges of the transition?
  • How to retain talent looking for impact and meaning?

The success of your transformation will only happen with the field. We help you convert your strategy into effective execution.
It is by instilling new ways of thinking, new ways of working, and new skills directly into the teams that your transition will really happen.

They trust us

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