You have created your start-up and met your first successes. You want to sustain your activity, to build the model of tomorrow, while preserving the spirit, the dynamism, the adaptability, the capacity for innovation of the start-up.

Your challenge is to maintain your DNA, have a growth strategy that matches your ambitions, and develop your leadership to get your teams on board.

Taking it to the next level

We support you in maintaining the balance between your company’s culture and the transformations necessary for its continued growth.

  • Individual interviews
  • 360° diagnosis: organization, process and technology
  • Recommendations
  • Seminar “Past-present-preparation for the future”
  • Vision, Purpose and Values Workshop
  • Individual coaching of founders and managers
  • Collective coaching of the management team
  • Training of your teams according to the identified needs
  • Support in building teams of Leaders
  • Support for empowerment
  • Accompaniment to recruitment
  • Help in finding a partner

They trust us

A diagnosis to prepare for growth

We conduct individual interviews with all or a sample of employees. These interviews give us the necessary information to make the diagnosis iand give you the keys to develop the growth of your start-up. This phase marks a strong managerial act: the creation of a “one-team” to prepare for the future.

We analyze and map the organization, processes, infrastructure in place, missions, objectives, communication…

A report of this diagnosis is presented to the founders and managers. We then organize a unique and founding seminar, open to all your teams, to mark this important moment in the history of your company. This seminar will create a real cohesion and alignment among everyone to embark on this growth. The goal of this seminar is to create a common roadmap that covers the next steps to be taken and to empower your teams.

Support to strengthen your business

Together, we co-create an environment of trust, mutual support and authenticity. Our support consists first of all in strengthening the alignment with the new goals and the new road map.

During our coaching, we do everything we can to boost the energy of the teams and deepen their thinking. The teams decide to embark together on this new phase of their collective history.

We set up individual and group coaching sessions, trainings and workshops to cultivate a space for rapid learning. This space will allow you to go from start-up to scale-up while preserving and developing your human capital.

We help you understand your governance, identity, growth and leadership challenges and choose the best options for rapid and smooth development.

Empowerment of the teams in the scale-up

At the end of our support, we will have guided your employees through this transition by advising, coaching and training them so that they can continue to develop your business independently. We give them the keys to success: methods, tools and concepts, and first experiences in putting them into practice.

They talk about it better than we do

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