Faced with the challenges of change and adaptation in a constantly evolving world, as a leader you lead your transition and the transition of your organization. We provide support and advice based on solid experience. And we accompany the operational teams so that they become fully engaged in their company’s transformation.

By taking into consideration the risks related to fatigue, and the management of fear and frustration generated by change, we generate the power to act. To guide your employees and help them engage in the company’s transformation project, we co-create a climate of trust and design personalized training and facilitation programs.

This innovative vision is the result of the diversity of skills and complementarity of our team members and is the pillar of our holistic approach. It addresses the risks of failure inherent in business transformation projects in a systemic way, based on a global and deep view of your business: “from inside out” and “from outside in”.

To do this, we bring you both the business expertise of our consultants to enlighten your decisions, and our culture coaches to help you understand your emotions and resistances and overcome them. Through our holistic approach and the principles of mindfulness that guide our actions, we accompany you fully, in all your dimensions: business, cultural, social…

Our functional areas of expertise in transformations

Giving you the autonomy you need to transform your business


Our support takes place in 7 phases and involves all the company’s stakeholders in order to cover all of the key aspects of the company’s transformation.

Analysis of the existing situation

Detection & Analysis of needs

Definition of the scope of intervention Connection Leadership

Definition of the shared transformation roadmap

Training and transformation programs (MANCO, EXCOM, managers)

Accompanying employees

Automation and continuous improvement


In any transformation program, we cover all the main issues of business transformation.



Transformation of support functions

Transformation of operational functions

They trust us

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