Les Webinaires de la transition by CL

Every month, Connection Leadership opens the doors to knowledge with a webinar dedicated to Ecological Transition. Our Goal? To provide you with the keys, tips and advice you need to successfully manage your company’s ecological transition. In a world where ecology is becoming an unavoidable priority, adaptation and innovation are essential.

Join us for these enriching sessions where experts and industry leaders share their expertise and answer your questions.

Together, let’s explore best practices to make your company not only greener and more sustainable, but also more competitive and aligned with today’s societal expectations. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn ecological challenges into growth opportunities for your company.

Responsible communication

Responsible communication is more than ever at the heart of corporate concerns.

Our experts Romain Peton and Constance Barde share their expertise and answer your questions on “How to adopt ethical and sustainable communication practices? What are the stakes and benefits of such an approach?”

Responsible communication begins well before the act of communicating, from product or service design to communication in the field.

In this webinar, discover :

  • The fundamental principles of responsible communication
  • Case studies
  • Practical strategies for integrating these principles into your organization

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about your company’s ecological transition.

Adopting a CSR approach

Webinar on April 25, 2024 hosted by our experts Laurent Nury and Tu Doan Quynh Bui. They share their valuable experience and answer your questions to help you navigate the CSR landscape with ease. They are divided into 3 parts:

1. (Non)sustainable development and CSR – Discover why sustainability is everyone’s business and the crucial role of CSR in our companies.

2. Strategy and CSR – Learn how to effectively integrate CSR into your business strategy for lasting positive impact.

3. Main stages of a CSR approach – The first steps to launching or optimizing your CSR approach with confidence and clarity.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about your company’s ecological transition.

Aids and Financing for the Ecological Transition of Industrial Companies

March 21, 2024 Webinar hosted by our experts Florence Riesser and Annelise Meyer, this one-hour webinar offers you a valuable overview of:

🔹 The various forms of assistance available: Find out about the financial and technical support available to help you move forward with your ecological transition.

🔹 Understanding the players and tools: Learn more about the different players involved in financing the ecological transition and the tools they offer.

🔹 Identifying opportunities for your company: Get personalized advice to help you identify the funding and assistance best suited to your situation, with a particular focus on industrial SMEs.

This webinar is an opportunity to get clear answers to move your business towards a more sustainable future.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about your company’s ecological transition.

The Ecological Transition for Industrial SMEs and ETIs

In a world where ecological transition is no longer an option but a necessity, SMEs and industrial ETIs find themselves at a crossroads. How do you navigate this crucial change while ensuring growth and innovation?

February 15, 2024 Webinar hosted by Olivier Ménicot and Alexandre Cornu, two experts in ecological transition in the industrial sector. This webinar is an opportunity to:

✅ Understand the ecological transition issues specific to your sector.
✅ Discover concrete strategies to start or accelerate your green journey.
✅ Explore real-life case studies and effective solutions that have already been implemented.
✅ Ask questions and talk to industry experts and peers

Whether you’re at the beginning of your thinking process or already in the process of transformation, this webinar is designed to provide you with keys to understanding and acting on your industrial reality.

Need to discuss your ecological transition?

Train your entire company for the ecological transition!

In your industrial activity, the move towards an ecological approach raises many questions. What strategies should you adopt? What impact will this have on my business? If, up until now, your initiatives in this direction have been limited or non-existent, you should know that the will to undertake an ecological transition, with or without financial investment, is a commendable and crucial step for the future.

Succeed in your ecological transition through human transformation!

Climate change calls for widespread mobilization, giving your company a chance to reinvent itself and make a positive contribution to the health of our planet.

In this quest for a sustainable future, the human element plays a key role, embodying the heart of both environmental and social change.