Individual Coaching: Unleash your potential and create more success in your professional life!

Why use individual coaching?

Coaching is a solution for anyone who needs to face these new challenges. The Connection Leadership Coaching Office provides coaching solutions so that you can find solutions as you set out to achieve a goal or overcome a challenge. Individual Coaching corresponds to different types of problems.

  • Lack of work-life balance
  • Chronic conflict with team members
  • Difficult relationships with your superiors
  • Working on your assertiveness
  • Managing a crisis or sensitive situation
  • Adapting to a management or company change
  • Managing your emotions at work
  • Developing leadership
  • Managing reorganization
  • Starting a new project
  • Cultivating empathy
  • Empowering your partners
  • Developing the capacity for taking risks
  • Taking on a new role
  • Changing careers
  • Starting a new project or business

We know that you have important resources within you to overcome your problems and achieve your goals. Our role is to support you in designing your own solution. We are in charge of the coaching process that allows you to go beyond your current situation and face your professional challenges in a creative way.

The goal for Individual Coaching is to boost your autonomy in solving problems and achieving your goals.

Individual Coaching in the Corporate Environment

Individual Coaching in the corporate environment aims at supporting the Coachee with their professional development.

Paid by the company, the Coach helps the Coachee to take ownership of their career, to improve relationships with coworkers and achieve professional goals. In addition to the coaching, a three way meeting is organized to align the demands of both the Coachee and the corporation.

Private Individual Coaching

Unlike corporate Individual Coaching, private Individual Coaching is organized by the coachee personally. It is usually paid for directly by the coachee.

The Coachee and the Coach agree on a set of goals for the program.

How are our Individual Coaching sessions organized ?

Whether it be in the corporate environment or in private, a first meeting is held to define the needs and goals for the Coaching sessions, and integrate the different moving parts (Coachee, Corporation and Coach). During the coaching process, you will find a space for exploration and expression without judgment.

The coaching program is organized as 10 sessions (depending on the needs expressed). The program helps you to develop awareness of yourself and your situation, and become the observer of your own potential. This helps set you in motion and turns your problem into an opportunity. The content of the sessions are confidential.

You develop your ability to observe your emotional and cognitive functions, to accept what you cannot control, to evaluate your actions according to their usefulness and impact, and ultimately to become more agile when navigating your choices and responses to events.

At the end of your corporate Individual Coaching sessions, you create a summary report to assess how well you have met your goals with your Coach and corporation.

Our Coachees in their own words

Le programme de coaching m'a permis de développer mon ambition et voir que rien est impossible. Au global ma manière d'aborder la vie et de me percevoir a changé à chaque séance. J'ai eu une prise de conscience - afin d'intégrer et développer ce nouvel état d'esprit, cela se travaille au quotidien.

S. Trang

Mon objectif initial était de visualiser ma vie d'après, de "quitter" celle-ci pour un ailleurs meilleur. Au lieu de cela, j'ai transformé l'actuelle et suis devenu leader de celle-ci, tant au niveau professionnel que personnel. C'est ce que j'appelle un vrai changement de vie.

T. Peuchot