A multi-axis analysis of your current positioning on Data

In 4 to 6 weeks, through 5 to 10 interviews with your business and IT managers, and the analysis of documents, we build a multi-axis analysis of your practices related to Data and we propose a set of recommendations to move your strategy forward.


Everything must be based on usage and business requirements in a Data strategy. What data uses have been put in place, or are desired and prioritized by the business units? What value can they provide? Where do they fall on the 2 axes of value/difficulty of implementation? is the measurement of the value created done continuously?


what big categories of data are available for analytical use? How are they structured (excel files, datamarts, datawarehouse, datalake)? Is this data in file mode or in message or event mode? Is there administration and quality control of this data? Is there a catalog for this data? what data should be integrated to support priority business use cases?

Skills and culture

What DATA skills have been put in place? Are the profiles provided comprehensive? what balance between internal skills and external expertise? What acculturation and training approaches are being implemented? What recruitment strategy is planned or implemented to attract talent?

Organizations and processes

How to fluidify the organization between Business and IT on DATA subjects? how to distribute or regroup IT DATA skills? What project management method is in place to facilitate iteration and fluidity with the business? How are data projects decided? Are all the necessary business and IT roles well defined and staffed? Is data governance in place?

Technologies and architecture

What technology choices have been made? Do they offer the flexibility and ease of use desired by users and by IT and business data experts? Are their costs under control? what place is given to public cloud or opensource? Is data access security control in place? are the architecture and quality control of the data under control?

Ethics and compliance

Are the regulations on personal data protection (RGPD) known and disseminated to all Data users? To comply with GDPR, are the operational procedures in place and audited regularly? Are the ethical issues of AI known?

Understand the business strategy and prioritize DATA initiatives to meet it

Report on alignment Business Strategy and DATA Strategy

Propose a DATA trajectory for the company

Recommendations and Executive Report

Analyze the current situation on 6 axes in relation to best practices of DATA strategy

Report on the state of affairs

Do you want to set up a Data Strategy Radar?