The business world is increasingly relying on its managers to deliver tangible results, while the context is becoming more complex and time seems to be accelerating.

Managers need to be able to translate business strategy into action in the field, while involving and motivating employees and listening to their needs. Managers initiate cross-functional actions that involve other company stakeholders and should know how to influence mutual success regardless of hierarchical relationships. They need to know how to both organize the project and track its progress, while creating an environment in which the team itself and each of its members can thrive.

By combining a special attention to the human aspect with a constant concern for organization and efficiency, “The Forest” managers are able to overcome the major challenges they face.

Organized in three modules to learn or refresh the basics of effective management, the training includes a theoretical part and also an important practical component, notably through co-development sessions with other managers, and a personalized follow-up by an instructor with extensive business experience and a coaching certification.

“The Forest” is a training program developed by managers and directors, based on a thorough knowledge of emerging management practices, a holistic approach as well as conventional methodologies, to identify and develop the human elements for successful management.

“The Forest” program is based on skills acquisition to prepare the manager to implement a management approach that is both hybrid (digital and office-based) and versatile (single or multi-site).

Reinventing management!

Faced with a constantly changing world (digitalization, changing needs and consumption patterns, ecological transition, pandemics …), you need to discover and exploit new managerial postures.

Integrating environmental issues

Given your organization’s or industry’s carbon footprint and the initiatives needed to ensure a rapid and fluid environmental and energy transition, you are faced with the need to make your employees aware of new environmental issues and fully engage them in the ongoing transformation.

A training in 3 modules to help you face the new challenges of management

1 - Soil - Setting the stage for success

A forest is made up of many trees, various plants and animals. Each one of them is a part of the whole. Every training participant is a team member. The strength of the collective serves everyone. Through mutual aid and solidarity, the group goes further and builds more sustainably.

  • Day 1 – The Forest: A Virtuous Ecosystem
    Create a cooperative, cohesive and effective environment
  • Day 2 – The tree: a living organism
    Continuous development
  • Day 3 – The environment, a source of development
    Develop the potential of your employees and your vision

2 - Water - Irrigate the company with a collective force

Like planet Earth, which is more than 70% water, the human body is made up of more than 60% of this element. Source of life for all living organisms.
It ensures the vital functions of our body by enabling chemical reactions, helping to build our cells, transporting nutrients and waste, regulating body temperature, and supporting the immune system.

On a global scale, the hydrosphere describes the continuous movement of the various water elements on Earth. The water cycle follows an unchanging and millennial pattern.

Blue gold, it has become a rare and coveted resource: only 1% is available for humanity’s needs.

Managers: Tap into the life-giving power of the water to both identify your deepest sources and resources, and to bring that power into circulation within the collective.

  • Day 1 & 2 – Water: a living resource – The virtuous cycle of the collective
    Collaborate cross-functionally, plan the work using a project methodology, and communicate with conviction
  • Day 3 – Fluidity (agility) for results
    Align yourself and your staff to deliver tangible results for the team, the business and customers, communicate with conviction and set the course for the future.

3 - Sunshine Spreading the human element

Putting people at the center of reflection and action to create meaning together.

The organization derives its value from the women and men who compose it. Without them, without you, the organization would not exist.

This module aims to develop your ability to lead change, stimulate performance and development, and manage conflict by focusing on the complexity of what makes human beings, their mechanisms of thinking, acting and communicating.

  • Day 1 – The Human Source of Energy
    Contribute to change and conflict management
  • Day 2 – The manager as a resource person
    Coaching employees, supporting performance
  • Day 3 – Collective intelligence, a circular energy
    Identify and adopt a systemic way of thinking, be part of a process of continuous improvement for yourself and others, develop your self-esteem

Co-development workshops

We offer co-development workshops to help managers continue to grow and apply their knowledge between modules. We taillor each session to the context of the managers and support the creation of your community of managers. Each workshop focuses on developing the practice of co-development.

  • The forest, its environment, its history
  • Behind the scenes in the forest
  • The role of the forest in relation to the manager

Analysis of a personal management approach

A document explaining personal issues related to the management aspects to be explored in the training will be elaborated by the participant after the first training module. The main objective of this exercise is to practice a self-reflective analysis in order to identify one’s strengths and areas for improvement, and to define one’s own goals.

Project management in “The Forest” mode

Using a presentation, the participant will illustrate a project in “Forest” mode. This exercise allows to anchor the learning thanks to a concrete case and to prepare its future use to answer other needs.

Introducing one’s manager development plan

To conclude the third module, the participant will draw up a development plan for his or her managerial practice in order to continue to build on what has been learned in the training. The plan will help assess potential resource needs and design the workload plan for the empowerment phase.

Immersion in the forest

“The Forest” seminar aims to explore the forest, its ecosystem and its reality. We can adapt this seminar to your needs and goals.

  • Start with “universal” knowledge through stories and myths to experience immersion and gradually move toward reality.
  • Present the “behind the scenes” of the forest, with its mechanisms of development and ongoing evolution of cooperation and competition.
  • Compare the forester and the manager – the analogy with achieving development, managing change, giving access to the “sun” for all, acting as a facilitator, a developer, a coach, a passer-by…
  • Conclude with the opening of the training program, 3 parts, 3 different rhythms, to know oneself, to know others, to motivate, to unite, to promote collective intelligence by mobilizing your share of light.

Tell us about your training project, we are here to guide you.