The origin of Leadership Connection

It all started with a meeting, a variety of experiences and a shared vision. when our paths crossed in early 2019, our convergence appeared as obvious.

We were both asked to support change in Companies and we each had, on our side, experienced the limitations of current company transformation models. Our commitment: to assist you to successfully transform your company with a holistic approach to serve your strategy. Our name carries the meaning of our commitment: Connection Leadership intervenes to connect each individual, team and company, and develop leadership to raise the ability for companies to take control and create their future in a constantly changing environment and in an environment steeped in uncertainty.

Betsy Parayil : find the source of a powerful leadership

Co-founder of Leadership Connection Betsy originated in the United States

After a career in the field of higher education as a teacher and director of several training centers, she turned to coaching leaders in 2014 with a unique approach based on leadership, collective intelligence and mindfulness. In these areas, ishe also hosts conferences during which she transmits an unwavering optimism to co-create innovative solutions to real business processing service. Multicultural, Betsy draws its dynamism and wisdom in his Indian roots and his American culture. Two pillars that come irrigate his leadership approach mindfully. His book “Waking life through mindfulness meditation” describes the path of personal transformation questioning in which she invites the leaders.

Patrick Hoffstetter : embrace the challenges of the digital transformation

Co-founder of Leadership Connection, Patrick served for 30 years in many capacities, high level both in large international groups and within GAFA and startups.

From the Mobile multimedia launch at SFR in the early 2000s, to his last executive position of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Renault for which he was named “First European CDOs” in 2015, he was the initiator of the digital transformation that took place in France, including creating “EG10” the club of the CAC40 CDOs, and becoming Advisor VivaTechnology. Co-author of “The digital consumer – New approaches to seduce,” Patrick is a regular speaker at international conferences and, as a member of the leadership of several startups, he brings his detailed knowledge of the issues associated with new digital and economic ecosystems.

Our Vision, Our Values

In any situation, the requirement, empowerment, co-construction and creativity guide our action

Our demand to ourselves is the pledge of our constant questioning. We are not resting on past experience, but we rely on keen attention about what unfolds in your company. Our quest for excellence, for its part, is materialized in the nature of our trade with you: we leave nothing in the dark, under the pretext that it might seem in the short term more comfortable. On the contrary, we are welcoming each new event or information along the way of transformation, in order to map the invisible architecture of your potential. And we strive to provide an appropriate response in real time, with perseverance and tenacity to keep in view the objective we have set together. All these founding principles of mindfulness that move us deeply, and we know essential for an agile, creative and concrete transformation of the company.